Haru Lounge

Haru Lounge is a bold evolution of the Japanese restaurant brand into an all-encompassing nightlife experience. HARU Lounge - is a captivating ultra lounge built for esteemed guests seeking a more intimate Singapore nightlife experience. The lounge boasts the perfect environment for guests wanting a consummate night out through socializing over after-dinner cocktails.


A fusion of elegant style, cutting-edge design and peerless standards, KU DÉ TA Singapore has already captured the imagination of the world's pleasure seekers. Marina Bay Sands patrons and guests can expect to encounter the finest entertainment destination in South East Asia. The stunning rooftop setting will redefine the concept of sophisticated pleasure for discriminating individuals, whether they seek a playground, a sanctuary or a den. Above all, this will be a place where guests will enjoy the finest dining, drinking and entertainment. Welcome to the lifestyle venue at Sands SkyPark.


Pangaea is Singapore’s most exclusive club that caters to the affluent and high rollers of Singapore. With celebrity clientele and hot models every night, it is the best nightclub experience that guests can revel in. Pangaea is a one-of-a-kind Ultra-Lounge located at Marina Bay Sands. Created and conceptualized by Michael Ault, Pangaea has gone through several metamorphoses and has been seen in cosmopolitan cities such as New York City, London, Miami, Marbella (Spain) and Austin. Like its ancient Greek namesake, Pangaea is a supercontinent of sorts, a place where entertainment is the currency and those who appreciate it finely are its citizens.


Bringing a sophisticated feel to the live entertainment scene with a Western twist on an Asian concept with plush VIP booths, delectable tapas and Asian/Western fusion bites, a night at Playhouse is always a mystery in the making. This elegant, versatile space with state-of-the-art lighting, sound and design serves as the perfect location to enjoy after work drinks with colleagues which will soon be proceeded by a raging, fist pumping dance party as the night evolves. Choose your poison every night of the week at Playhouse.


Zouk is the sensation that established Singapore on the international dance music scene. Over the last 21 years, they have continued to deliver progressive and fresh music but there's something deeper that keeps the Zouk magic alive - the people.

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