Frequently Asked Questions

We use a similar concept that applies in the financial industry but with a slight variation. Triple A rated VVIP Singapore means that our service is of the highest grade possible, ‘Party Grade’ if you like. Every quarter, we re-assess our ratings based on feedback by our guests, party girls and partners we are associated with.

Are there any other charges or hidden fees?

No, all fees are stated and there are absolutely no hidden charges and cost. Prices during special events or during the holidays are subject to change. We will inform guests accordingly.

What happens if there is a last minute cancellation of our plan?

While we understand that plans and circumstances can change at the last minute, deposits will be forfeited as certain bookings and payments would have had to been made on our part to our partners and suppliers. Depending on the cancellation date, there would be different cancellation fees. Please read the terms and conditions for more information about this.

Can we advertise and partner VVIP Singapore?

Yes, we are actively pursuing tie-ups and partnerships with key members in the industry. Please drop us an email for more information.