• 100 Rounds of 9mm Ammo
• Choice of .22 Rifle, Revolver or 9mm Pistol
• Range & Admin fees
• Shooting Coach
• Minivan Transfer

This isn’t counter-strike so guests need not worry about terrorists. Fire some powerful guns such as the M16, 12G Remington shotgun, Desert Eagle Magnum pistol and more. There is a wide range of weapons in the club armory so whichever weapon you feel most confident with, take aim.

• Spa Party for 90 Minutes
• Canapés and Spa Bites
• Complimentary glass of wine/champagne
• Minivan Transfer

Indulge your inner princess in one of our exclusive partner spas where guests can enjoy a range of spa treatments. Relax, rejuvenate and enjoy your downtime like never before.

• Lamborghini Gallardo Spider or Ferrari F430 F1 Spider
• 15 minutes Street Circuit Drive of the F1 Course

Experience the thrill of driving on the Formula 1 circuit and freeway in a Ferrari F430 F1 Spider or Lamborghini Gallardo Spider. Unleash the power on the straights of the freeway or cruise along the coastline. We offer controls from F1 style paddle gearbox through to fully automatic (no clutch pedal). Each car can be self-driven or guests can choose to be chauffeured by an experienced driver at Full Throttle.

• 30 minute Sightseeing Tour of Northern, Central & Western Singapore
• Minivan Transfer

Soar into the skies for an exciting helicopter tour of Singapore. Enjoy the spectacular Singapore skylines such as the Marina Bay Area (MBS, Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay) Central Business District, Sentosa, Southern Islands and other iconic and breathtaking sights in Singapore. With 2-way stereo headsets, guests would be able to communicate and receive live commentary from our experienced pilot.

• 30 Minutes Scenic Flight
• 2 Take-Offs & Landings
• Instructor

Ever wondered if you could ‘save the day’ and land an aircraft all by yourself? Now you can with our Flight Entertainment Simulator. Choose from over 24,000 airport destinations to takeoff and land your Boeing 737-800. Check-in, meet your first officer, get the flight plan, board the simulator, takeoff and finally land at an airport of your choice. Get the feel of a real-life pilot with the Flight Simulator.

• 2 Simulation Sky-Dives lasting 45 seconds each

Experience the thrill of skydiving without any of the danger. Experience true free-fall conditions, just like a real skydive. With its huge size and wide range of airspeeds, the wind tunnel enables flyers to execute a variety of movements with ease, such as free flying, four/eight-way formation skydiving. Gather up your mates for this unique experience though we wouldn’t recommend coming after a big night out.

A complete travel itinerary detailing essential items to wear and carry will be provided for each activity. Transport from the hotel to the select activity can also be arranged for our guests.